Glass options for your door and windows

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The benefits of glass, and different types of glass options available for your doors and windows. These can be used to protect, and keep your house secure.

Glass has become a vital part of modern interior design. It gives a classic look to your house or the company. Basically to give a good impression on your guest and also on the people around. Over the time technology has advanced it has brought a tremendous change in everything. It has also brought a new way to look at glass as not just a glass but the thing which gives aesthetic look. And today we have Upvc doors it’s not expensive as wooden doors but also has a long life span. And Maintenance is also easy just clean it with cloth and done uPVC doors eclectic range of colours and designs, so you can be sure to find the style to best suit your home.
uPVC windows are stronger than any other windows it is weather proof, storm proof, noise proof which makes it really unique. And also doesn’t allow the heat to enter the room it keeps the room at normal temperature.
Glass doors and windows are not delicate but it also provides security the glass used is not breakable. There are many more glass like
• Tinted glass which helps to cut down the heat and enabling greater convenience and comfort inside the building, while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the building from outside.
• Laminated glass it dampens the sound and eliminates the need for grill or shutters and gives more view and you don’t need to compromise on safety
• Tempered glass which is tough to break and also it can’t be cut or shaped easily.
• Wide range of Value-Added Laminated Glass :
1. AIS Valuglas: it is stronger and has unbeatable and unmatched value to it.
2. AIS Securityplus: is giving you security with higher protection.
3. Design: it is designer glass which you get to make the room or the place look more attractive.
• AIS Swytchglas is when you need a privacy and don’t need anyone to disturb or distract you it just makes the glass opaque and turns to transparent with a click of a button.
A glass has been transformed so much more secure and brought so much of change that it is not harmful to have glass and it is a best thing to decorate. We can even paint on glass and do any kind of sketching on it. And it is easy to remove and clean it in and draw more. Having more confidential meeting no worries there are glass which are sound proof, and also give privacy. All this advantages of a glass has made everything look so much better the before and have a best look to the place we stay in or work in. wouldn’t you prefer having a door or a window of a glass which gives you so much of things that to at minimum cost but as a long time investment.